John Sovec is a respected trainer and presenter in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. With almost twenty years experience, John focuses on cultivating clients’ natural strengths while encouraging them to manage and build on their challenges.

Past projects include professional training modules and seminars for the Walt Disney Company, Washington Mutual, Phillips Graduate Institute, LA Shanti, Life Group LA, the City of West Hollywood and The Mountain Aids Foundation as well as appearing at corporate events for British Airways, Ford, Puma Sportswear, and other internationally recognized companies.

John provides interactive and inventive presentations and workshops for corporate, organizational and nonprofit audiences. Scroll to the bottom fo the page to see a sample of workshops and presentations that are currently available. Individually designed programs can also be tailored to meet the specific and unique needs of any company or organization. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a consultation.

Upcoming Workshops - 2022

LGBTQ Teens and the Coming Out Process

As LGBTQ adolescents come to terms with their own sexual orientation and gender identity  they find themselves exposed to the social constructs of a straight privileged environment, which can often create pressures of internalized homophobia. This lessened self esteem creates a view of the world that lacks safety, interrupts developmental phases, and deepens pressure to “ fit in” As professionals working with this population an understanding can be cultivated as to how biases and agendas develop and how the pervasiveness of these constructs influences the therapeutic alliance.  Participants will explore how these constructs of gay stigma develop, examine the strength of building self-esteem in gay youth, and learn effective tools for relieving the stress of internalized homophobia in gay adolescents. 

  • CSNO, Monterey CA - Feb 17 - 20
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  • EDGY, Los Angeles CA - May 18
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  • Emerging Themes in Behavioral Health, Los Angeles CA - April 28-29
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Building a Business Vision

Beyond the nuts and bolts of the day to day management of your business, what is the vision you hold for the growth of both yourself and your business in the coming years? You’re often told it is vital to build a business plan, which while helpful can be a dry and daunting task. What if there was a different approach that taps into your creativity and personality that would assist you in focusing the essence of your dreams and visions for your business growth and development? Creating a Business Vision is a tool that will assist you in staying on task with the daily management of your business and at the same time will inspire you toward a focused future that addresses myriad facets of who you are. You will leave this highly interactive workshop with a Personal Business Vision in hand which you can begin to apply immediately to revitalize and focus both your business and your life.

  • WPPI, Las Vegas NV - Feb 27- March1 
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Available Workshops

For your Company, School or Organization

Coping With Change

This workshop provides tools and coping methods to alleviate the difficulties experienced by employees associated with transitions in the management and ownership of companies. These tools and coping methods provide the stability necessary to build strong foundations for the future.

Building to a Future

This workshop offers valuable tools and achievable methods for setting goals and intentions while recognizing and neutralizing procrastination. Participants learn how to cultivate a positive self-image in order to build creative energy and maintain positive relationships.

Sustaining Motivation and Achieving Success

Participants in this workshop examine the conscious and subconscious blocks that interfere with their ability to achieve their goals and desires. They then learn how to take active steps to move through these challenges and improve their level of success achievement.


In this highly interactive workshop, participants will learn the tools needed to overcome procrastination and move forward in both their work and personal lives. They will learn how to manage time effectively, establish goals and priorities, and learn how to get back in the game and feel like they are ahead of the curve.

Team Building

This workshop focuses on creating the tools required by any team to achieve success, including goal setting, strategizing, breaking down assignments, and synthesizing results.

Conflict Resolution

By using the Trust/Agreement model, participants in this workshop learn how to dissipate and resolve personal challenges with coworkers and succeed in any environment.

Cultivating Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

This highly interactive workshop teaches participants tools and skills for developing an effective personal presentation style that allows them to communicate more effectively with any audience.

Opening to Effective Communication

Participants in this workshop engage in active skill-building exercises that allow them to become more effective communicators among themselves as well as in their interactions with business partners and clients.

Fostering Creativity

The ability to think outside the box is the quality that every company is seeking. Before you can think outside the box, you have to define and know the boundaries of the box you are in. Once these perceived boundaries are identified, the process of thinking beyond them becomes effortless allowing for increased productivity, creativity and success.

Stress Reduction

By applying highly effective coping tools learned in this workshop, participants acquire the skills necessary to relieve the pressures of a highly stressful work life in order to improve job satisfaction, productivity, home life and personal relationships.

Exploring Loss and Grief

By cultivating awareness of our own feelings concerning these challenging emotions, we can learn to be more empathetic, accepting and compassionate while we and our loved ones experience bereavement and end of life issues.

Respecting Diversity and Fostering Cultural Sensitivity

This workshop focuses on teaching participants to work successfully in a multi-cultural environment by identifying, addressing, and neutralizing internalized biases and agendas with respect to issues of diversity.

Building Leadership Tools

This workshop series offers management classes for new leaders as well as skill building for those already established in leadership roles.

Art of the New Year

This creativity workshop uses guided meditation, writing, and art collage to release the energy of the past year and focus intentions for the New Year.

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