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What messages do you send to yourself in the morning when you first wake up? Are they messages of inspiration and focused joy or are they messages of doubt, anxiety and fear.

Unfortunately for most people the answer is the later, they find their morning mind filling them with stories of dread and stress about not only the coming day ahead but also projecting that anxiety into the future.

If you are one of those people who wakes with anxiety as you morning companion, there is something you can do about it...

It seems like just yesterday thatInspired learning the kids were racing out the hallways as the last stay of school came to a close and the endless possibilities of summer lay ahead. And yet, it seems that summer has raced by and is beginning to wane and the specter of school days is back in the picture.

In the next few weeks, the great back to school migration begins for kids all over the country. I remember the mix of emotions that would flood me as a kid at the end of every summer.  I was sad that the summer had ended and I would have to return to the routine of school but I was also excited at the prospect of seeing what the new school year would bring.

Ahhhh... the last day of school!tricycle_on_the_grass_2

Remember when you were a kid and summer held the promise of endless adventures and unexpected surprises? You could wake up on any given morning with no idea what was coming up but by the end of the day you were exhausted and worn out from your many adventures. It was a time free of responsibilities and expectations. It was a time to play.

Do you still know how to play?


To me, tTherapy and counselinghe most dreaded four letter word that exists. Fear can creep into your life and strip you of your dreams, it can steal your ability to accomplish the things you desire. and, worst of all, it destroys the joy of life itself.

Pause for a second and look at your life as it is right now. Ask yourself, "How is fear dominating the experience of my life?  How is fear tearing away the dreams and aspirations I have and making me live a life that is smaller than the one I want?"

So many tragic and challenging eventsworld_on_fire are happening in the world today that we may sometimes find ourselves feeling helpless, fearful, aggressive, angry, outraged or complacent all within the course of a single day. Our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are being challenged in ways we may never have experienced before, which can leave us feeling lost and disoriented.
Because these external events are extraordinary, they often induce extraordinary responses and emotions in us. Being unaccustomed to dealing with feelings like helplessness, anger, discouragement, and even hatred, we can easily become frantic in our search for an outlet for these negative energies. This is a time when compassion for both ourselves and others can turn the tide on these feelings of despair.

A guest blog from my friend Jodi Okun of College Finacial Aid Advisors home for the holidayson that holiday trip home for college freshmen. 

Even though you’ve enjoyed the time you’ve spent away at school, you may be looking forward to heading home for the first time. It may be for a long weekend, for Thanksgiving, or even for Winter Break. Regardless of when you go, you’ll most likely encounter some unexpected challenges.

My friend, Cynthia Bazin of SmartChic has some great ideas to keep you safe during the holiday shopping frenzy.

The holidays are a great time of year.Holiday Safety Tips The holiday lights; great food; giving gifts to those you love. The last thing you want or need during the holiday season is to be a victim of a crime. When you're rushing around, sometimes you can forget the little things that can keep you safe. Criminals like to take advantage of an opportunity. Don't give them that opportunity. Slow down some and make sure you are always thinking safety first.

There is a chill in the air asWinter Depression from www.JohnSovec.com the days shorten and winter announces its arrival with the first storms of the season. During the colder days of winter with weather curtailing many outside activities, it can be easy to isolate yourself and disconnect from the world. Sometimes, though, that isolation can go beyond just winter nesting and turn into a deeper sense of not belonging and even depression.

Isolation can hamper our ability to feel good about ourselves and the lives we lead. It can make us question our value, our ability to give and receive love, and our place in our families and communities.

Many of us are committed to extremelyHigher Potential from www.JohnSovec.com busy lives, working from dawn until dusk and sometimes beyond with a 12 - 15 hour work day becoming more and more common.

But it is impossible to perform at your peak every minute of the entire day. So the question is, when are you at your ideal potential for performing each of the activities you need to accomplish during the day?

You have to have a life to bring Sparking creativityyour best to the table as an actor” These words where surprisingly enough from my agent when I was talking to him about turning down a job because I was burned out and run down.  Although his percentage as my agent was on the line as well, he emphasized how vital it was for actors to get out and live a full life as an important facet of being a fully realized performer. Living a full life is a valuable catalyst for fueling the creative spark in all of us.

As kids, we tend to be more open to the idea of learning just for the fun of learning but as adults the cues aren't as clear and we often lose our inspiration to learn new things amid various commitments and responsibilities that demand our attention and time. When we do make time to learn a new skill it is often related to career advancement with the learning seen as a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Perhaps, just like kids returning to school, we can find methods of inspiring our adult selves to learn something new in an area that interests us and brings us enjoyment, just for the sake of learning.

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