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Who Is My Mirror?Finding Ourselves

Take a look at the people around you right now in your life. Who are the people you enjoy hanging out with? Who are the ones that inspire you? Who are the ones that drain your energy? Who makes you feel tired after spending time together?

When you look at these people and pay attention to how they influence your life, you are looking in a mirror that is reflecting back who you are? These people reflect your own qualities and will assist you in understanding how you are perceived in the world.

The qualities that you are most attracted to in others are usually the qualities that you are most comfortable with in yourself. In the same vein, the qualities in others that irritate or trouble you are the very ones that you need to examine in yourself.

Looking in the mirror of life and honestly assessing your qualities can be a challenging experience but one worth committing to in an effort to bring about awareness and change if necessary.

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