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As we head into the holiday weekend it looks like I will befloating away having some much needed time off where I will be doing nothing. It is very rare that I spend a day and do nothing. 

I wonder why?

Sure there is a lot to do each day: a lot of it things I am passionate about, therapy, writing, teaching, yoga, but occasionally  I need a do nothing kind of day. 

On those days I like to sleep, listen to the sounds of the house, watch the dog sleep, and in general not push myself.  I often find in that space that I become more aware of my being and my body since I give them a little more space to speak to me on those days.

And I never know when they are going to come along.  That’s the fun part.  Like getting a second prize in a box of Cracker Jack.  They always make me smile!

So keep you eyes open and when a do nothing day comes along, don't try to fill it up, just do nothing

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