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To me, tTherapy and counselinghe most dreaded four letter word that exists. Fear can creep into your life and strip you of your dreams, it can steal your ability to accomplish the things you desire. and, worst of all, it destroys the joy of life itself.

Pause for a second and look at your life as it is right now. Ask yourself, "How is fear dominating the experience of my life?  How is fear tearing away the dreams and aspirations I have and making me live a life that is smaller than the one I want?"

Examining fear more deeply like this is a scary challenge in itself but as you look into the dark corners and worries that fear creates you will uncover just how much influence fear has on your day to day living.

As you learn to identify your fears and those moments when fear takes over, you can take the first steps to counteract that experience. A good way to do that is to understand that fear itself, is created by past stories where you may have failed, by stories from your family of how you can't succeed, by experiences from society that tell you the thinking or the action you want to take does not fit in with what everybody else wants.

If you can start to question those stories, you may find that fear has less power over you. Sometimes just by contemplating or facing the fear, options will appear. You can open up to the idea that you can succeed, that fear is not as powerful as your ability and desire to make things happen.

As you connect into this new thinking, fear loses its power and your dreams begin to manifest and come true.

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