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You may not be aware of it but at almost everynoise and stress moment of your day, especially if you live in a big city, there is noise in the background.  Cars honking, radios blaring, the continuous hum of traffic in the background.

All this stimulus and input can be stressful on your mind and body.

Stress is a crafty little devil and even thoughtalk therapy to reduce stress you are focusing on taking better care of yourself with the first three steps of the program, stress has other places that it likes to hide out.

Stuff happens in our lives and in any moment we have two choices we can take it all inside and feel bad about ourselves or we can talk to friends, family, and loved ones and get things out of our system.

Today’s stress reduction tool is about gettingstress reduction back in touch with all of the fun things that you enjoy in your life.  Remember back before life became all about deadlines, projects, and bills.

What were the things you used to enjoy?

Welcome to day two of your stress reduction toolkit.  Caffeine and stressHopefully you started your day off with a healthy breakfast and maybe even got in a little bit of morning exercise to kick start your day.

Today we are going to look at step two in reducing stress in your life.  For many people when they,” kick start” their morning they do it with a big cup of coffee.

And yet that very same cup of coffee that you are using to pick you up contains large amounts of caffeine, which can set up the body for stress and tension over the long hall.

Ever have one of those bad days where nothing seemsstress reduction to go right? The alarm goes off late, the washing machine is on the blink, and a major project is due in just a few hours. Now imagine stringing these separate incidents together day after day, hour after hour, until it feels like every waking moment is overwhelming.

For some people this reality is known as living with stress.

I know I share a lot of methods on meditationDaily Meditation and relaxation but sometimes it is the simple tasks of daily life that can bring us back to our center.

For me the task is cooking.

Who Is My Mirror?Finding Ourselves

Take a look at the people around you right now in your life. Who are the people you enjoy hanging out with? Who are the ones that inspire you? Who are the ones that drain your energy? Who makes you feel tired after spending time together?

Ever have that kind of day where younutrition and mental health find yourself running from appointment to appointment, hurrying around trying to accomplish it all, and somehow in the course of that day forget to eat? By the end of the day you're running on empty, you may feel shaky, irritable, unfocused, and unable to give your best to the projects and relationships at hand.

Many people find themselves doing this on a regular basis or trying to cram in a hurried meal on the run, fueling up on overly-processed foods and quick fixes of candy, soda and energy drinks.

Over time, this lack of proper nutrition can take a toll not only on the body but also on the brain, which in turn influences mood. Just like the rest of the body, the brain is an organ that is very sensitive to the nourishment we provide for it. The foods we eat can have a lasting influence on mood, mental functioning, and emotional well-being.

"To love oneself is the beginningFinding Valentines Love of a life long affair" Oscar Wilde.

And no truer words could be spoken on Valentines Day where there is so much pressure to prove one's love to others and the world. Do we have it wrong trying to make love an external process rather than focusing on the inner process of self love?

As we strive to make our lives full and productive,Intuition we can easily become overly busy doing the things we need to do to survive the daily grind like cleaning up, getting the kids to school, getting to work, staying in contact with friends and family. This constant busyness can create a buzzing, overwhelmed exterior that takes us out of contact with our deeper, quieter, often wiser, interior voice known as intuition.

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