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I know I share a lot of methods on meditationDaily Meditation and relaxation but sometimes it is the simple tasks of daily life that can bring us back to our center.

For me the task is cooking.

When I cook I find that my mind and body relax and I move into a zone where it is all about the ingredients and the process of bringing them together in harmony. The focus is on the mix of flavors and textures and I am able to release the stressful inner monologue that can sometimes take over my thoughts.

It is important to return to an energy of simplicity from time to time as a means to reconnect into a deeper sense of self and purpose.  The chatter of the brain is invited to be silent and what manifests in its place is healing and centering.

I find myself able to connect into this deeper self when cooking, gardening, practicing yoga, and even petting the dog

What simple task brings you peace?

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