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You may not be aware of it but at almost everynoise and stress moment of your day, especially if you live in a big city, there is noise in the background.  Cars honking, radios blaring, the continuous hum of traffic in the background.

All this stimulus and input can be stressful on your mind and body.


It is common to wake up, turn on the television for the latest news, traffic and weather, get in the car and listen to the radio, arrive at work and answer phones and have conversations with coworkers, get back in your car at the end of the day with the radio still on, and then arrive home where you turn on the television again to relax.

And you repeat this cycle day after day.

Occasionally turn off the TV, radio, cell phone, computer and whatever else surrounds you with noise and spend some quiet time alone.

This quiet time gives your psyche time to heal and center itself.  Quiet time gives us time to breathe, relax, and release stress.

Try turning off all of the sounds around you that you can control and let the silence heal you.

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