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Today’s stress reduction tool is about gettingstress reduction back in touch with all of the fun things that you enjoy in your life.  Remember back before life became all about deadlines, projects, and bills.

What were the things you used to enjoy?

How easy would it be to start including some of these activities back into your life? Find time to enjoy activities such as music, art, hiking, reading, playing board games, yoga, and sports. Once again, it is not about having to do big things like train for a marathon.  It is about reconnecting with your love of taking a sunrise hike. Or cooking that healthy meal for you and your family because you enjoy the meditative quality of focusing in the kitchen.

These activities will allow you to connect with your life and create a balance between your work identity and your personal time. By releasing the stress of work, you will also be able to enjoy your personal time.

At the end of the day the events of our lives are the things we remember and bring us the most joy.


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