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"To love oneself is the beginningFinding Valentines Love of a life long affair" Oscar Wilde.

And no truer words could be spoken on Valentines Day where there is so much pressure to prove one's love to others and the world. Do we have it wrong trying to make love an external process rather than focusing on the inner process of self love?

When we put love into a bigger picture the one person that will be with you your entire life is, well, you. While other types of love, family, friends, partners, spouses, may come and go, finding a deep internal sense of loving oneself can create peace in our thoughts and emotions.

Being willing to let go of the negative voices that dominate many of our thoughts and instead focusing on our strengths and good qualities can bring a truer sense of self into the picture and allow us to be comfotable with our own company.

And the amazing bonus of this way of being is that the more we are able to love ourselves the more love we have to share with the world.

So for this Valentines Day, change your priorities; be loving and kind to yourself and notice how much more beautiful the world becomes.

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