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Keep your sunny side up. It sounds like an1340045_french_sunflowers old maxim shared by our grandmothers to buoy their sprits when things got tough.  But there is some truth to this adage that can be a powerful weapon in the war on stress.

Optimism is a powerful tool that can affect our long term mood and in turn relieve stress and anxiety.

And more than just looking on the bright side, optimism is a way of viewing the world as an ally, which can in turn minimize our sense of fear and unrest.

By focusing on our strengths and accomplishments we can alter our mood and become more resilient to the highs and lows of day-to-day living. It is this longer term positive view of life, which can provide a foundation that will relieve the feeling of being stressed out.

One of the easiest ways to connect to optimism is to focus on your successes and plug into an awareness that you have strengths that are unique and individual to you. In building this awareness of your own personal power it becomes easier and easier to view life with hope and confidence.

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