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A guest blog from my colleague Elizabeth Gordon, professional organizer, on the importance of getting the clutter out of your life

The beginning oClutterf the school year is an exciting time. New classes, new faces and a chance for new experiences. But what is going on in your physical environment that may be affecting your personal and/or professional life? Clear that clutter for some renewed energy!

There is so much I can say about clutter. Just looking at a pile of junk is enough to raise your blood pressure and heart rate, increase stress and anxiety and make you feel depressed. Things that are neat and orderly have the exact opposite affect. You will feel lighter, have more energy and have peace of mind.

Holding onto to things past their life cycle creates stagnant energy in your home and in your life. Clutter causes depression, anxiety, shame, a feeling of worthlessness, weight gain, disorganization, procrastination, disharmony, illness & congestion, confusion, bad treatment by peers, lethargy, distraction from your dreams & goals and it costs you a lot of money.

Why do people accumulate and keep all this stuff? Many times, keeping clutter has to do with an emotional or psychological attachment. People look at certain items and make excuses for its disposal. "My grandmother gave me that." "I got this when I went to Hawaii." " I can't get rid of this, I've had it since I was 5."

All these statements are valid, but what is the condition of the clutter? It is broken, old, dirty, mildewed, out of date, creating a feeling of guilt or anxiety, too big for the space you are living in or just plain ugly? Look at the item itself.

Re-train yourself to see only the object and not its attachment. If anything listed above is true, it is time to let the item go. Holding onto it is not helping you move your life ahead. In fact, it is doing exactly the opposite.

If you are looking to get your stuff, time and dreams in order, then look no further than enCOMPASS your life.

Started by Elizabeth Gordon in early 2010, enCOMPASS your life has one goal in mind: to organize the stuff around you in order to free up your time so you can achieve your dreams. Stop the cycle of disorganization, clear out that junk drawer, and most importantly, start putting your energy towards what you wish to achieve in life.

To contact Elizabeth and for more information, please visit www.enCOMPASSyourlife.com.

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