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Anxiety and fear have taken hold.  Many lives theseAnxiety and Stress Relief, John Sovec Therapy and Counsleing days are influenced by decisions not based on reasoned sense but on the fear that has been created all around us.  But how much of that fear is real and how much of it is inflicted upon us by our own sense of lack and self-doubt?

If we pause and take a look at fear, it is often based on the failures of our past and if we examine anxiety, it is often based on trying to predict and control the future.  But what about right now.  What do you really have to be fearful about in this moment? NOW!

Bringing the fine art of awareness into our lives can benefit both ourselves and those that we serve. Facing our own fears and anxieties is important in these stressful times so that we are able to be fully present for our lives. Each of us need to find our own means of centering and self care whether it be meditation, yoga, hiking, reading, or spending time with our loved ones.  Releasing our own stress and fear is vital to maintain our health and our sanity.

So dose yourself with some personal time, make space for perspective and see if anxiety and fear can go on a vacation leaving you room to enjoy life and prosper.

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