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We are coming to that time of the year when manystress free holiday of us experience the pressure of trying to create the perfect holiday for everyone.  We try so hard to make everyone else happy that we end up feeling exhausted, stressed out, unhappy, and sometimes even angry.

It doesn't have to be that way.  In fact by taking care of ourselves we can make the holidays a time full of fun and joy.  So, in this ongoing series, I will share a few tools that you can use to make the holidays stress free.

First up is a concept that may feel a little unusual for many of us.  Ready...Here it is.. Do only one thing at a time. It is so easy to get caught up inthe rush to get everything done that we end up getting nothing done and feeling pooped out in the proccess. One thing at a time is really all any of us can do if we want to do that thing well.

So when your list of things to do begins to build ( and we will address that nasty list later) focus as much as possible on doing just one thing.  Remove distractions that might tempt you to multi-task and focus on the matter at hand.  Do it well. Do it right. And then move on to the next task.

This takes practice and you will often get the urge to do other things. But as you develop the ability to focus fully on one thing at a time you will discover that you are more present, able to focus easily on the task at hand, and will actually find yourself with more time...to relax.

Give it a try and see how easily the stress starts to melt away.

And what's next on the list of stress relievers....Simplifying Your Schedule!

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