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On this, the longest day of the year, signs ofGrowth Through Self Awareness from www.JohnSovec.com growth and change are everywhere. From tomotoes ripening on the vine to marigolds bursting forth in brilliant orange, change is in the air and new growth is all around us.

Growth and change are intertwined in our lives. Though it is often uncomfortable and sometimes frightening, the changes that confront us in our lives are integral to our ability to grow and develop as people. Change is one thing that is constant in our lives, so fighting against it is not only futile, but it also inhibits our ability to shed our fears and insecurities.

The key to embracing change is to look for the opportunities and blessings that lie beneath the initial shock or discomfort we feel when confronted with change. This isn't always easy but it can help us find a positive path through the change rather than crumbling under the weight of fear and disappointment. By not recognizing the need to adapt and evolve it is easy to find ourselves trapped in frustration, self-pity and anxiety.

Change is constantly happening and if we can train ourselves to move and flow with that change, then we take a giant leap in our own personal development. Take a look back over the last month and notice the changes that have occurred, whether they were subtle or enormous. 

Even when it  feels like things have been static, by taking a step back and looking at our experiences from multiple perspectives, we can heighten our awareness of how we are affected by all of the circumstances in our lives.

Once we identify how things are changing, we can analyze our response to those changes and decide whether we are responding in a way that promotes personal growth and development or in a way that is hindering that growth.

By exploring our history we can learn how to bring that awareness into our daily process. What aspects of your life are currently causing stress and what adaptation would lessen that anxiety?

Instead of continuing the same actions and reactions over and over and getting the same unsatisfactory results, explore the variables of a situation. Look for the hidden opportunities that the negative, self-indulgent voices in your head are afraid to let you see and grow into different actions. These new actions will lead to new results which can open up movement, growth, and possibility.

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