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Do you remember the first datecouples counseling you had with your current partner? Maybe there was a certain chemical reaction between the two of you? A quickening of your heartbeat, a sense of something magical in the air that was bigger than the two of you. Anything and everything seemed possible.

But as time went on, maybe a little of the magic vanished from your relationship. Abracadabra and life had stolen the initial passion that you had for each other. What can you do?
When a partnership has gone on for many years it is important to pay attention and keep reigniting the awareness and interest that first drew the two of you together. It is also important for couples to maintain a strong foundation from which there is open communication and a focus on your dreams and goals. You need to be creative and willing to think outside the box to build your own model of how a relationship works.

Maybe this would be a good moment to focus on reigniting the connection between you and your partner. Being a couple can be a challenging and rewarding experience that takes a lot of awareness and work to keep both of your energy vital and energized.

In building the foundation for a strong relationship it is vital to maintain not just the identity of the couple as a unit but also of each of you as individuals. Remember back to when you first met and remain cognizant of the qualities that you admired and were attracted to in the other. Remembering to nurture those qualities in each other, while also nurturing and encouraging individual growth will ensure that there is balance and respect in the relationship.

It is also important to remember that as partners, you must also be friends. Small things like doing little favors for each other or arranging small experiences that promote sharing and happiness are a way to build trust and affection. Many of the strongest and most enduring relationships are built between people who would be friends even if they were not a couple.

One of my favorite couples activity is for each partner to commit to creating a date night. Setting aside some special time on a regular basis can rekindle the magic of a long term relationship and foster discovery and playfulness in a newer one. It doesn't have to be fancy, just special time for the two of you to remember how and why you first fell in love.

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