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By now you may have seen the latest video disaster onlinefearless leap of New Jersey Housewife Danielle Staub performing her new song " Real Close".  If not take a look !

What I think is interesting about this video is not the failure of it but the idea that this woman took a shot at an opportunity. How many times have opportunities come your way and you have passed on them?


How many chances have you passed up in your life and did you pass on them for fear of failing?

Although the results in the case of Danielle Staub may not be Grammy Award material, she took a chance and put herself out there. She saw an opportunity and went for it.

Sometimes we have to risk looking foolish to let go of the fear that holds us back. Even posting this blog, I had to look at my fear that this topic would make me look foolish but I was intrigued enough by the idea to want to go ahead with it.

Fear will always tell us not to go for it and when fear wins we end up living half a life.

What opportunities have you passed on because you were afraid of looking foolish?

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